Jump for joy photo of the day – Stefany Mathias-Butler! April 7, 2013

JUMP FOR JOY Photo Project

Fun jumping joy at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California.

Have a wonderful day!

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Rot & Ruin, by Jonathan Maberry

Blogging for a Good Book

rot I was looking for something easy to listen to and picked up the YA book Rot & Ruin without really knowing what it was about — except that it was about zombies.  I was expecting a pretty typical “run from the monsters” plot and was completely surprised by the  sympathy the author evoked for the zombies.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s action, plenty of “uh-oh the monsters might catch me” suspense, but I was surprised at who was the real monster.

The world has been changed by a cataclysm – some sort of medical or environmental disaster that caused some people, including Benny’s parents, to turn into zombies.  And as people turned to zombies, they infected others until their sheer numbers overran cities large and small…

Groups of  survivors gathered in outposts with fences and patrols to keep the zombies out.  Most people don’t venture into the “great Rot &…

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