Downpours and blue skies

中国 Jumble

The last couple of weeks as the heat has finally broken, the weather has gotten more erratic.  We have had tremendous thunderstorms followed by blue skies with puffy clouds.

I was at work on a Friday after lunch and looked out the window.  I could see the rain coming towards me from the east.  The skies got blacker and blacked and the wind picked up.  I grabbed my camera and shot a couple of photos.  The difference in the view from the clear summer day that I showed you before was complete.

Later that afternoon I went downstairs to get something to drink.  The glassed in ceiling over level the basement level sounded like war drums were beating – the rain was that hard.  I stood mesmerized, watching the drops bead above me.  I wished I was in my childhood bedroom listening to the rain beat down on the skylight.



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