The Haunting of Maddy Clare, by Simone St. James

Blogging for a Good Book

maddyclareSarah Piper is alone in the world.  She’s working for a temp agency in post World War I England.  One rainy afternoon she gets a call to meet a potential client at a coffee shop.  While this is a bit unorthodox, she needs the rent money, and so goes to the meeting.

There she meets handsome Alistair Gellis, a ghost-hunter.  He needs her to make contact with a potential ghost that apparently does not like men.  While scared of the prospect of seeing a ghost, Sarah agrees.  It’s the most excitement she’s had in her life, and she’s more frightened to disappoint her employer than she is of the ghost.

The ghost story turns into an investigation of another crime – and Sarah, Alistair, and his other assistant Matthew are in danger as they try to solve the mystery of Maddy Clare.

I enjoyed the setting of England between the…

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